As per the request of many MUTA members a scholarship program for the needy students in the Department of Textile & Clothing Technology is opened and following procedures are made.

Money can be deposited in following basis.
• Individual basis
• Batch basis
• Company basis

Bank details
• Bank name : Bank of Ceylon
• Account name : Savings account
• Branch name : Katubedda
• Account number: 0078647627

Period considered
• One year (12 months) will be considered as one period
• Start of each period student pool is reviewed and re-selected
• Start of each period donor pool is reviewed and re-selected (based on new registrations and renewal on excising registrations)
• The review process is carried out during the month of January each year and the list of donors will be finalized by 31st January.
• Any other donations received during the year will be deposited in the bank account and the will be allocated for urgent cases.

Student selection
• Open applications are called from each undergraduates of the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology, University of Moratuwa.
• Those applications will be reviewed and prioritized at MUTA Exco meeting
• Donors can select a student/ students from the pool of students or can donate for the common pool
• If a student is selected by choice, the donor may decide the amount to be paid
• If you donate for the common pool the MUTA ExCo will allocate money depending on the need of selected students.

• Minimum value : Rs 2,500 per student per month
• Maximum : No upper limit

Deposit basis
• Donor can decide monthly basis, Quarter basis or annually
• Lump sum amount

After each deposit please mail a scan copy of the deposit form to president & treasurer of MUTA.

Registration for 2016
Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with following details on or before 31st March 2016

Student contact details can be arranged if required

Student’s details are strictly confidential.

Contact persons
Mrs. Vijitha Ratnayake : 0714433511
Dr. Sandun Fernando : 0112640480 ext. 6006