Moratuwa University Textile Association (MUTA) is the Alumni Association of Textile and Clothing department of Engineering faculty, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Graduates, Undergraduates and department academic staff hold membership of body.

MUTA has five main objectives,

1. To act as a forum for members of the Association.
2. To widen the interest and associated knowledge of the members in the field of textile related areas.
3. To enhance the social interaction and welfare among the members of the Association
4. To encourage, foster and promote close relations between the Department and its Association.
5. To support the development of the Department.

Across last many years, MUTA had done many activities for betterment of all stakeholders of the association. Some examples are,

For Undergraduates:
- Conduct Toastmaster programs
- Conduct Mock interviews
- Conduct Mentoring Programs
- Donation of undergraduate events
- Scholarship program
- Guest Lectures and Workshops
- Improve department facilities

For Graduates & Staff:
- Organizing family get-togethers
- Organizing Technical sessions
- Updating member details
- Circulating Job opportunities