lakdasAs the Patron of the Moratuwa University Textile Association (MUTA), it is with great pleasure I send this message to MUTA; the association that has developed and matured to be a source of great strength to the Department. With the constantly changing Global scenario the industry will increasingly depend on a powerful knowledge base as represented by MUTA to skilfully guide the industry to a bright and stable future. When faced with difficult situations, intelligent solutions must necessarily come from the knowledge base in the industry and therefore the alumni of this Department has a major role to play. It is my belief that the graduates who step into the world of work from the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology are fully equipped and have the strength to face any challenging situation.

Unity is strength and it always pays dividends when a representative group with a core common interest speaks with one voice. Similarly, I believe that the MUTA should choose the path that would help them to achieve the goals expressed in the mission statement in a way that it would improve and enhance the knowledge and interest of the members related to the textile and apparel field.

In recognition of the high value contribution made by MUTA to the industry, the industry in return will provide ample opportunities for the progressive development of its members. This symbiotic relationship is a prerequisite for the growth and development of both parties.

With every passing day it is my sincere wish and desire to see that MUTA goes from strength to strength while making a valuable contribution to the forward march of the textile and apparel industry of Sri Lanka. I wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.

Emeritus Professor Lakdas D.Fernando
Founder Head of Department